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18.09.2021 05:28:13
Sony Xperia 10 III review: Тhe no-frills phone! фото

Buy Xperia 10 III: &keywords=xperia%2B10%2BIII&qid=1623151804&sr=8-2&th=1&linkCode=ll1&tag=phonearena-21&linkId=558b0f98fd74854f3416f4f2a0bc5483&language=en_GB&ref_=as_li_ss_tl

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Фото Sony Xperia 10 III review: Тhe no-frills phone!
Sony Xperia 10 III review: Тhe no-frills phone! фотки
Sony Xperia 10 III review: Тhe no-frills phone! фото
Sony Xperia 10 III review: Тhe no-frills phone! картинки
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27.06.2021 15:40:19
why so many haters in the comments
John Doe
23.06.2021 18:16:08
The Sony Xperia one and two were two of THE WORST smartphones I’ve ever owned….
Ridwan Nur Hakim
24.06.2021 03:47:29
Azmil Kais
23.06.2021 21:19:54
Wish it was available in Sri Lanka ????????
Dimitris Gountas
10.09.2021 20:35:21
You forgot to mention Samsung a52.
atul singh
23.06.2021 18:35:59
Oh sony.why not in India ????????????
Сергей Худяков
29.06.2021 12:02:43
Metal frame???
02.07.2021 12:39:32
The small size and no fucking punchout is definite buy for me.
Raj S Sinha
25.06.2021 05:17:52
Awesome ❤️ Thank You for the review #SonyXperia10iii
Ax El
23.06.2021 18:21:32
Galaxy a52 is $500 in the U.S where only 5g variant and outside of oneplus nord 10 and samsung a52 5g, everything else sub $500 USD doesn’t have a high refresh rate so OEM’s hadn’t really caught on.
Sean Burns
06.07.2021 02:59:17
Moan Arena
Jerry Berglund
29.08.2021 04:21:38
Really? Got the Xperia 10 II, never really pressed the fingerprint/onoff button by misstake with my thumb, can't really believe thats the thing with this one either. The fingerprintsensore is places precisely right for myt thinking. Sure there is a problem that if you have the phone in your pocket, the fabric of your pants sometimes presses the button so that you have to unlock it with your code instead of fingerprintsensor.NOthing about Side-sense ui, or anything really about how the phone really work. Mostly about camera, gaming, and the fingerprintsensor, wich was all bad according to this. He was only ok with the design, simcard and SD-card holder and 3.5mm jack. He never really talks about if the screen is good or not, or how it sound when listening to music through 3.5mm jack. How much internal storage is has... and such things. ANd then all this talk about another brand? I would probably be more interested in a versus against the old variant XPeria 10 II then Samsung Galaxy A52 wich I wouldnt even look at. It can be really good, but as long it has a huge hole in the screen, its a big no for me.
Omega Drake
09.07.2021 05:52:57
I don't care about scamsum phone. I thought I was watching a sony video . Not. A comparison video ...
03.07.2021 05:18:51
Haha interesting
25.06.2021 10:07:08
Nice phone
Prashantha K
24.06.2021 08:06:43
I really don't understand, how could a youtube tech channel with 12 lack subscribers contents are not fun to watch at all . The videos are not up to mark at all , there are youtube channels with less subscribers doing far greater job editing and doing the reviews. You have the potential to become a more successful channel if you increase the quality of the content. Please guys , do somethin about it ????
26.06.2021 03:03:00
Bro the camera samples you take are horrible, doubt any camera would make this ugly photography looks good
judy ragasa
26.06.2021 18:18:07
Zakie id
24.06.2021 01:08:27
690...... LmaoNo wonder sony dead.
31.08.2021 13:06:18
display doesnt fall short. look at the most expensive iphones. 60fps. it just falls short in camera basically in my opinion. that is why i am happy to have bought the xperia 5ii
Андрей Мурыгин
29.06.2021 02:26:25
Samsung a 52 peace of sh!t ,thnx man
Martin Bodlák
23.06.2021 22:13:16
It seems to have really bad diplay - in my case, it shows terrible color changes when looked at from various angles, but still angles under which you DO look at the display under normal circumstances. I will check if it is a problem of my particular phone or general Xperia 10 III issue and possibly return my Xperia... Other than that, form factor is great, battery life terrific, IP rating also excellent. If there was not for the display...
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